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A Comprehensive Guide of Wedding Limousine Hire in Melbourne

Are you considering hiring a luxurious limousine for your big day? Maybe previously you must have considered limousine hire in Melbourne for the events like a debutante, birthday parties or hens night! But, this time – you have to book for your once-in-a-lifetime event, for your own wedding! This is why; it becomes imperative for you to know each and every detail related to the limousine hire.

Firstly, hiring a limo is definitely a wise and popular choice that you are planning to make. Moving ahead, there are some important things to consider before you even begin your search on the various limo hire wedding packages on the internet. So what are they? Let’s take a tour today on what you should know when it comes to wedding limousine hire.

What Information Should You Have?

Before you set out to find a limo for your wedding, make sure that you are prepared with all the basic information about your event. You must be able to provide the date, locations as well as the time of the event in addition to the details that what you are looking forward to from hiring the limousine – how long you want, what facilities you want to indulge in and so on. Also, do not forget these 4 things that you need to consider while finding the best limousine service. 

Why Do You Need This Information?

The first thing that you will look forward to while enquiring about the limousine hire in Melbourne is probably to get a quote. Now, imagine you have not worked on these details yet! How will you be able to ask for a quote without knowing the day, time, facilities and type of limo you want to hire? After all, prices do vary according to the time and the locations; hence you need to be specific with this information.

Another thing, some limo cars may struggle with accessing certain locations, specifically the ones that are narrow and don’t entertain the entry of a big-sized vehicle. So, it is always best for the limo company to check before providing a quote to you. This will ensure you whether hiring a limo is practically possible or not.

Third, it is also recommended for you to know the number of people that will be travelling in a limo. This will decide whether you require a limo that will seat just a small group or multiple cars to accommodate a bigger group.

Hence, getting acquainted with all the information before you set out for hiring a limo becomes imperative.

What Types of Limos Can You Consider for Your Wedding?

Limousine hire MelbourneYou all must have seen a limo in your life – it tends to be moderately longer than various sedans available. These luxury cars can take a minimum of six passengers, which can even extend to 13, depending on the type of limo you select. Whatever you choose, remember that after all, it is a limo and will provide you with a luxury driving experience. So expect it to include lots of extras like bars, televisions, high-quality sound systems and even the odd light show.

Select from among a luxury fleet, including BMW, Chrysler, Holden and Mercedes according to your needs, special requirements and budget! Whether you are after a classic vintage or a modern contemporary look – your ride should be all about you and your party.

No matter which limo you choose, the facilities are sure to be class apart and you are going to have a memorable luxury drive to your wedding venue.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Limo?

The pricing part of limousine hire in Melbourne is not standard. It varies depending on a number of factors like:

  • How many hours are you planning to rent a limousine including your pick-up and final drop-off?
  • What is your wedding date? The peak season can attract higher rates
  • What is the location that you need to be picked and dropped?
  • Which limo car are you planning to hire?
  • What are the facilities that you are looking forward to?
  • What is your budget?

With these details on hand, the professional limo companies will be able to work out a plan, a limo hire solution for you along with a quote that even suits your budget.

Will Your Limo Be A Chauffeur Driven Car?

The answer is a big YES! You won’t have to drive yourself as every limo comes with a chauffeur. And, if you do not have any experience on this, the chauffeurs do more than just drive. You can expect him to open the door for you, serve you the refreshments and assist you with all that you need while you are being driven to the venue.

How Long Before Should You Book Limousine for Your Wedding?

It again depends on when you are getting married. In case of a peak season, it is recommended to book your wedding car at least 9 to 12 months before your wedding and at least six months in case of the off-peak season. It is always best to be secured for your big day, so freeze the deal as soon as possible.

Plan A Luxurious and Memorable Drive to Your Wedding Venue

Attention to detail is very important so once you have decided on a hire company, make sure that you have communicated every smallest of the details to them. Be it the route, the drinks, the sound system or other facilities – the right company will ensure that you have the best drive of your life.

As said before, it is best to make your move with the booking as soon as you get all the details. Limousines are extremely popular and by any chance, you wouldn’t want a situation where you are missing out hiring the best one for your wedding, right?

Get going to have the best luxury drive of your life with a perfect limousine hire in Melbourne.

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10 Common Myths About Limousine Hire Services Debunked

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Limousines”? A long fancy car defining a class, luxury and elegance like never before.

There is no denying that we all have, at some stage of life dreamed about getting out of a limo in style. And we end up trashing the idea because it’s obviously not going to happen. Well to your surprise, your fantasy can be turned into a reality.

Yes, you got that right! Limousine hire in Melbourne has now become easy and pocket-friendly. There’s an abundance of people who never attempt to hire limousines in Melbourne because they often get confused the myths with facts. Believing in these myths can stop you from enjoying the real fun of a luxury limousine service that can make you feel like a celebrity.

If you are planning to opt for limousine hire in Melbourne, ensure that you don’t fall victim to these myths.

Top 10 Myths That We Want To Strike Down:

Limo Hire Melbourne

Myth 1: Limousines Are Exclusively For Rich

Well, it is a complete fantasy that only rich can enjoy the luxury of limousines. When you consider all the amenities provided and the fixed price, opting for limousine hire for a few hours is not at all expensive. This luxurious vehicle can fit up to 8 to 15 people at a time, making it a more cost-effective option as compared to other private transportation. If you are going to party in the city or heading to the airport, limousine hire in Melbourne is the safest and cheapest mode of transportation. Here’s our blog post about what should you consider while hiring a limo.

Myth 2: Only Old Limousines Are Available On Rent

The fact is that the most reputable companies in the market boast an extensive fleet of the most renowned and latest limousines in Melbourne to reach out to the customers. These limousines are equipped with the modern amenities to provide you with the best riding experience.

Myth 3: Limousines Are only Available in Black & White Colour

Though black and white are the most commonly available colours, they are not the only colour range within the limousines. If you’re booking a limousine service for your wedding day, birthday or any other option, you don’t have to settle down for black and white. Doing some research can help to find a car that complements your event theme.

Myth 4: Most Drivers Don’t Have Adequate Training

This is a myth that isn’t backed by any facts or statistics. In reality, the chauffeurs who are driving the vehicle are one of the highly trained professionals with years of experience under their belt. They’re held to higher standards because they aren’t just trained to ride a limousine but also be a professional assistant. This means that it can help you with the things you might need during the rental period.

Myth 5: Limo Driver Are Not Familiar With English

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that when you are riding in limousines in Melbourne, you are usually dealing with the foreign driver who isn’t familiar with the English. In fact, all the limo drivers are fluent in English and are literate. When you communicate with them, you’ll realize that they are more than fluent in English.

Myth 6: Limousines Are Unsuitable For Long Drives

This is another false notion related to limo hire in Melbourne. While many people opt to hire limos to ride short distances to special events, limousines are high end and extremely durable. Limousines are sturdy enough to be on the road 24 hours at a stretch without breaking down. The cost of hiring a limousine is worth. The amenities available with limousine cannot be found in many vehicles, making them a perfect option to celebrate the special occasion.

Myth 7: Limo Can’t Handle Highways

If you are living in an area where you need to get on the highways to commute, you might be worried if the limousines can handle the stress. Relax, don’t worry! Limousines are one of the best vehicles in the industry and can go a lot longer and faster than you could have ever imagined.

Myth 8: Limousines Is Only For Business Executives

While a business executive can definitely benefit for the limousine hire in Melbourne, it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who can enjoy these rides. Even if you are heading to your graduation party, a friend’s wedding or a family Christmas dinner, you can hire a limo. Everyday people can benefit from limo hire, especially when you are travelling in groups.

Myth 9: Many People Can Be Squeezed Into A Stretch Limousine

In an ideal world, this would seem to be correct, but the fact remains that it not an actual reality. Though stretch limousines look gigantic from the outside, there’s not always a whole lot of room inside. Most of the space is equipped with the fitted bars, music system, LED lights, etc. Only a designated number of people can be assigned for a stretch limo. Exceeding the limit can result in uncomfortable wide without sufficient legroom.

Myth 10: It is Difficult To Hire Limousines From Reputable Companies

Another false notion that is associated with limousine hire in Melbourne is that it’s too tough to hire a vehicle from a reputable company. This is totally untrue. All you need to do to make a booking is connect with the provider via phone call or dropping down at their office. You need to specify your needs and what kind of service you are looking for along with discussing their company’s terms and condition. The one thing you need to ensure here is to make the advance booking to save yourself from the last minute chaos.

In a Nutshell:

Limousines in Melbourne are a luxurious and high-end transportation vehicle which is perfect for any occasion. While selecting a service provider for limo hire in Melbourne, ensure that the company has a long history of serving in the industry.

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4 Things to Consider When Finding the Best Limousine Service

Being one of the most luxurious cars available in the automobile industry, the limousine is becoming an important part in the lives of many Melbournians. The whole idea of hiring a limousine gives them an opportunity to experience an outstanding and unforgettable travelling experience. The comfort and style of limousines are reflected by its name; people identify these cars by their royal appearance and star-like facilities.

The Significance of Hiring a Limousine

Whether you have a corporate event or a wedding party, limo hire in Melbourne is a popular choice when it comes to a wide range of special occasions. This is because arriving in a style never goes out of fashion! No matter the type of event, hiring a limousine can help in creating your even more special.

Choosing a limousine style is one of the important decisions you will ever make. However, you may be surprised at the wide range of limousine types available in the market. From the classic luxury sedan to the ultra trendy super stretch hummer, there are limousines that will fit your personal taste.

What Should You Look When Hiring A Limousine Service?

Limo hire Melbourne

Hiring the right limo often depends on the type of event, number of people and how far you are going. There is limo hire companies in Melbourne specialise in delivering the most comfortable and stylish limousine which is perfect for your event.

However, not all limo hire services are the same, thus it becomes essential to pay attention while considering limousine for your special event. To help you make the right decision, here are some tips to consider before settling on a particular limousine hire in Melbourne.

  1. Be Clear On What You Require

There are certain limo hire service providers who offer different cars, according to different occasions. Thus, it is important that you have a clear picture of what your event entails so that you rely on the limo rental company that provides all the services to suit your needs. For example, the limousine that you require for airport transportation or a corporate event might be different from the one you need for a wedding day. So, be clear on what you want in a limo hire service i.e. whether you require a limo with a TV and DVD player, privacy partition, a full –sized wet bar or a sunroof. Outlining such details will help you narrow your choices to the best limo companies in Melbourne.

  1. Ensure that Nature Of Service Meet Your Needs

Limo hire service differs from place to place i.e. some will drive you only around town while others will take you outside the city. So, ensure that their services meet all your requirements. For specific events like weddings, verify that the limo hire service provider will accomplish your demands, providing you with a comfortable driving experience. Also, ensure that they provide chauffeur driven limo hire service so if you need to stop at certain locations to take photos, your chauffeur should be able to comply as long as it is within the stipulated schedule. If you avoid asking for clarifications regarding any requests, then it may lead to dissatisfaction during the journey. Therefore, make sure that you know clarify everything about limousine hire in Melbourne. Here’s our blog post on 8 important questions you need to ask while hiring a limousine.

  1. Check Out The Fleet

Every Melbournian wants to have a car that suits their personality and event. Whether it is a town car with plenty of room for luggage or stretch SUV with the bells and whistles used for the bachelorette party, the style of the car matters. It should match your event and the rider capacity. Ensure that the limousine you are looking for includes enough room for everyone planning to come. You can check out the company’s fleet on their website to get an idea of what they are providing and which matches your needs. Also, it is a good idea to go and check out the limousine in person so that you know exactly what you are getting.

  1. Look For Any Discounts And Limo Packages

When planning to hire limousines in Melbourne, don’t forget to take the advantage of companies offering discounts and attractive limo packages. Some service providers will offer you customised limo packages to meet your demands and budgetary needs. Do not hesitate on asking regarding discounts or looking for promo codes online, because it might help reduce the rental cost without compromising on your needs. Note: You can earn good discounts and offers when booking is done before the peak season, saving you last minute frustrations and disappointments.


Follow these tips to find the best deal for the limousine hire. Also, when looking for the best limo hire in Melbourne, it is important to ensure that all the cars provided by the company are insured with top-notch safety features and valid certifications. Keep this in mind and rely on the limo rental company that fits your needs and budget.

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8 Key Questions to Ask While Hiring a Limousine

A wedding, a luxurious date, an extravagant night out in the town – whatever reasons you might have, you would want to get the best model limousine and the best chauffeur. But, at the same time, you wouldn’t want to break your bank as well. So, what should be done? How will you figure out the solution to your requirements?

Choosing the right luxury car hire in Melbourne can be a cumbersome task as firstly, there are many companies and cars to choose from, leaving you with a good confusion as to how should you pick up the right one. Secondly, you want to get the limo services along with your requirements in your set budget.

So, to ensure that you crack a right deal, it is best to ask the following questions!

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Limo

The trend of limousine hire in Melbourne is gaining popularity and there are various occasions where people are inclined towards getting it. If you are one amongst them who are having an event to attend in the near future and want it to be a grand one including a limo hire, here’s what you should be asking the limo car hire companies to get the best deal out of it.

luxury car hire Melbourne

  1. Do They Use Chauffeurs or Drivers?

You must know the difference between the chauffeur and a driver before raising this question. A chauffeur is a trained professional, trained not only in the operation of the vehicle but also in the customer service. A chauffeur knows how to properly dress up, how to communicate and how to hold your confidentiality in the highest regard. On the other hand, a driver won’t have these qualities.

  1. What are the Options of Their Fleet of Limousines?

You really have amazing options of limousines to choose from. Be it stretch limos, party buses, custom-built limos, buses, stretch SUVs or any other type of limo. The average fleet size is five and it can extend up to 13. According to your event and your respective needs, you can explore the options and select one that you think would fit best.

  1. What is the Customer Service Availability?

If it is about a luxury car hire in Melbourne, it goes without saying that an outstanding customer service needs to be present. Customer service personnel or the entire team must be knowledgeable, respectful as well as efficient. Also, they must be at your service when required. In short, the customer service must be prompt enough at any time, when you wish to seek any sort of help.

  1. What is the Length of Hire Time?

To prepare a limousine as per your requirements may take up to 2 to 3 hours. So, to carry out cleaning and preparing the vehicle, the companies of limousine hire in Melbourne tend to impose a minimum hire period. Also, there are companies that have a minimum charge, so make sure to clear this. This will help you to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses and will also notify you about when to book.

  1. What is the Payment Mode and Structure?

It is essential to know the billing process as after the ride, you would not want to be greeted with any type of unpleasant surprise. Moreover, the entire process must be efficient and seamless. Once your trip is complete, the company must provide you with accurate billing within 24 hours of trip completion. Remember, it should be very close to the quoted amount.

  1. What are Referrals of the Limo Hire Company?

One of the best ways to find a good luxury car hire in Melbourne is through word-of-mouth. You can always ask for the reviews from your friends, relatives or co-workers who may have used the service any time before. This will give you a clear idea and a non-biased insight to the service you can expect from these professional companies.

  1. How the Company Does Guarantees You With the Safety?

First of all, in order to check the safety aspect, it is best to ask about the valid certification. Secondly, do they have liability insurance? Are the chauffeurs personally trained and experienced enough to handle every traffic situation? Asking these questions will help you to rate the safety aspect that these companies of limousine hire in Melbourne indulge in.

  1. Are the Companies Flexible Enough to Cater Personalised Requirements?

If you have some specific requirements related to your limo service, you should definitely ask the company about their personalised service. As a company, they should put in every effort that they think can make the customer’s experience great. Whatever may be your requirements, they must be open to accommodate it. Asking the few questions on the front end with the customer service team will reflect on the management attitude towards putting their customer first.

Be Ready to Book Your Dream Ride

Never refrain from asking, especially when you really have a set of preferences to implement. Hiring a limo means there definitely is a special event and you want everything grand about it. So, ask whatever that you think can make your drive a memorable experience. To make it simpler for you, here’s our blog on 4 important things that you need to consider while hiring limousines. Making your event all the more special is just a step away with luxury car hire in Melbourne.